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Sid's nice guy attitude is quick to win the affections of Cassie, but Sid is oblivious, which leads to him hurting her feelings on numerous occasions.

Baillie is a leading expert in dendrochronology, or dating by means of tree-rings.

Commissioner Mike Whan of the LPGA Tour didn't say much at the time, but in an interview a few days later he admitted it was a black eye for the game and his organization.

"It's frustrating," Whan told Matt Adams on the Fairways of Life show on Sirius XM PGA Tour radio. It's one of those situations where the penalty does not match the crime." Thompson was penalized for a violation that took place on the 17th green at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, Calif., but the fan didn't contact the LPGA Tour until Sunday.

This event coincides with the second largest ammonium signal in the Greenland ice in the last two millennia, the largest being in AD 1014, and both these epochs were accompanied by cometary apparitions.

Baillie explains the general absence of mainstream historical references to this event by the fact it was described in terms of biblical metaphors since at that time "Christian beliefs included the dogma that nothing that happens in the heavens could have any conceivable effect on the Earth." Since then, he has devoted much of his attention to uncovering the causes of these global environmental downturns.

That’s PURE speculation and internet chatter…but we think it would be interesting to see a single Cynthia on the scene…

In the 1980s, he was instrumental in building a year-by-year chronology of tree-ring growth reaching 7,400 years into the past."I think it's a fair critique and a fair criticism whether or not somebody can point something out that causes us to review it, and whether or not we should do that a day later," Whan said. I'm not going to overrule something that is correctly ruled.It doesn't mean we have to love that ruling and the penalty that goes with it." Whan said a review of how similar incidents should be handled in the future is underway, but would not elaborate.The penalties were assessed as Thompson walked off the 12th green in the final round.The four strokes erased her two-stroke lead and she eventually lost in a playoff to So Yeon Ryu of South Korea. "I feel bad about it, but I'm not going to abort the Rules of Golf in the middle of a round.

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