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He argued that leaving a voicemail was "impolite" because it wastes the receiver's time it takes to retrieve information that could be conveyed via text.He also humble-bragged about straight-up ignoring a dozen voicemails from his father and revealed that he and his mother now "communicate mostly through Twitter," which is not only like something out of a dystopian novel, but also an insane use of Twitter — like sipping soda from a bottle cap.While your best friends might think it's funny, anyone else will see a message like this for what it is: unnecessarily rude.Communication has become very tough over the years.Which is why you need to make sure you leave the right kind of message so she does want to call you!Before I give you some very simple and EASY pointers – let’s have a listen to a voicemail DON’T. (Whether this is real does not matter!Just don’t do ANYTHING our boy Dmitri did and you will be in good shape!!A funny voicemail greeting is one of those things that seems like a good idea...until you hear it time and time again.

SMS messages only work in the US at the moment I believe.

Made famous by George Costanza, the answering machine song sometimes seems like a good idea: it's out of the box, unexpected, and definitely a novelty.

But unless you're in the music business, it's probably not a good idea. I'm not here right now, leave me a message after the beep".

– just killed off the show left a touching goodbye voicemail for co-star and on-screen wife Gina Rodriguez on his last day of filming.

“The night I shot Michaels death scene Brett left this video in my phone,” Gina wrote on Instagram.

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