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The extraordinary achievement makes her the youngest child in the world to have cycled the Silk Road to date.

From Sophie’s angle the book vividly records the visual and emotional experience of the 2,100 km biking journey, especially when Sophie’s imagination is involved: painting with the Giants, “grape princess” in the drying shelter, the camel “Mc Donald’s,” colored tiger toys, the Yellow River “milk tea,” somersault cloud, “pushing down” the Great Wall, the flaming mountains, etc.

In severe cases, the victim even loses control of bladder and bowel movements.

If you ask me whether I want to ride a bike along the Silk Road again, I will say, “Yes, if we can avoid the Gobi Desert.”The road in Gobi Desert was not even sometimes.Presidential Medallion The Presidential Medallion sig- nifies position, authority and trust and is worn by the President dur- ing official academic functions at the University. The Association is housed in the Alumni Center, a beautifully furnished facility located on the corner of Spottswood and Normal. , 1982, The University of Alabama at Birmingham Dissertation: "The Comparison of Nursing Graduates, Nursing Educators, and Employer Expectations for Information Technology" Major Professor: Dr. Smith DOCTOR OF EDUCATION (continued) Lisa Pratt Dobrose - Department of Instruction & Curriculum Leadership B. S., 1995, The University of Memphis Dissertation: "Regular and Special Education Teachers' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of the Individualized Education Plan in Tennessee Middle Schools" Major Professor: Dr. Giannangelo Barry England - Department of Leadership B. S., 1988, The University of South Alabama Dissertation: "Student Work and Its Effect on Satisfaction with the College Experience" Major Professor: Dr. Riggs Virgil Randolph Lambeth - Department of Instruction & Curriculum Leadership B. Ed., 1981, Harding University Dissertation: "An Evaluation of Factors which Affect the Utilization of Out-of Classroom Experiences in Selected Middle Schools in Arkansas" Major Professor: Dr. Giannangelo Dewitt Jack Maxwell - Department of Instruction & Curriculum Leadership B. S., 1981, The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Dissertation: "Development of an Automated Rehabilitation Needs Assessment Application and Factors Affecting Implementation" Major Professor: Dr. Greer Carol Jane Patterson Rowlett - Department of Leadership B. Ed., 1989, Memphis State University Dissertation: "Students' Perceptions of Classroom Climate in Tennessee Public High Schools' Major Professor: Dr. Commissioned by a group of distinguished alumni and friends and presented to the Uni- versity in 1974, the Presidential Medallion combines institutional symbols with chain links honoring all presidents of the University. In addition to housing the alumni offices, the facility annually hosts more than 450 meetings and events that attract the participation of 11,000 alumni and friends. A., 1984, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville B. Ed, 1990, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville M. - Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research B. A-Look Eyewear Franchise Business Opportunity A-LOOK eyewear set themselves apart from other optical stores with their fully-open and self-service concept of shopping.Customers are showered with a variety of sunglasses and eye frames with personal…

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