Natalee holloway mom dating ramsey

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Certainly, as soon as the girl’s body was found on Boxing Day 1996 at their home in Boulder, Colorado, the parents responded in a way which was bizarre to say the least, and — according to many — indicated their guilt.Less than 48 hours after the murder, the family — John, a .I do not believe that those boys had the knowledge, skill or maturity to dispose of the body. Joran..said "Natalie said Beth was a Hitler-like mom." We all heard that one. And they're off on ANOTHER story about a total stranger being pulled out of a "store"? Dan and Kelly have worked on the case since 2005 and have talked to a lot of people.They had to have help, and who had the motive and knowledge to dispose of Natalies body? The quote is "How this rings true to us, we both went through this at 18 years old, the exact same situation. Somehow, I don't consider Joran a credible source without CORROBORATION IN THE FORM OF EVIDENCE. But it's a COVER UP because Beth and Julia Renfro then made a KIDNAP poster in Aruba. Who was CONNECTED TO A MURDER which was committed BECAUSE OF KNOWLEDGE THAT NATALIE WAS ALIVE? They were initially asked to help by Beth Twitty herself, and have spent their own money.Now they are using a surrogate mother to have a baby. Here's how it works: E'Dena's grandmother, Jeannette Adair Bradshaw, is Morgan's first wife. We can't bring up Morgan and E'Dena without a nod to Woody and Soon-Yi.While Phil and Pearl are well-aware of the public scrutiny, they claim not to mind, as Phil finds Pearl "gorgeous" and Pearl says that her grandson makes her feel sexually alive. He adopted Jeannette's biological daughter, Deena, who had E'Dena, and who in turn was raised by Morgan and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Myrna Colley. As the story goes, Mia Farrow adopted Soon-Yi while she was still involved with Woody.It is a lifetime commitment to keep hidden the events of that awful night. Other names: "Julia Renfro KNOWS stuff." Was that the Aruban news reporter who fell out with Beth eventually? The guy is asked to produce SOME DOCUMENT..the guy says "YEAH, but I'm NOT GOING TO GIVE IT," then he reads from SOME PIECE OF PAPER HE'S HOLDING LIKE IT'S THE HOLY GRAIL, what he CLAIMS is an immigration document with info entered into a computer "when you get off the plane..way to screw it up." The info, he SAYS: Beth's SS#, she was staying at the Holiday Inn, reason for being here--vacation, what time Beth got there--. ] "One of them that knows that Natalie was alive....still in prison right now that had went after the fact, there is other people [on it? SPINNING 2000 words a minute--few of them connected to any complete thought. ), as having MET with them, and "...[important officials] were surprised how it was handled at the police dept." The couple will VOUCH for this minister's asst. (hahahaha Nice switcheroo: who's vouching for YOU, Dry Mouth? Am I the only one who is finding this so familiar, I can tell you right now what this is all about? That's underhanded and it's predatory in a HIGH PROFILE MISSING PERSON CASE. Beth lost her daughter: NOW these sycophants are calling a press conference and directly BLAMING BETH FOR IT ALL, ADDING THE WORST KIND OF HATEFUL GOSSIP OF INCEST. Not until someone comes forward to corroborate, someone CREDIBLE and with EVIDENCE. Yes, Dan seems full of himself and would be the guy bragging about something at a family barbeque that no one could stand, but what he said (and the documented evidence he has) makes sense and fits the facts as we know them.The Judge, no doubt, has skillfully drilled the boys, as to the dreadful consequences of disclosure; thus insuring their silence. It takes extraordinary thought and planning to do so, especially in such a way as to know that no one will ever find it. Sorry, I'll have to get out the old mag article on this unless someone else remembers. ] that knows from that area down there that she was alive weeks later, but it's like who's going to want to say anything? ) BELIEVE THIS GUY WHEN HE REVEALS NATALIE DIED PARTYING WITH HER BENEFACTORS, says he. Asked why the people who had Natalie didn't bring Natalie's body in for the substantial reward and such, Dawg Wannabe said they were SCARED as she had OVERDOSED PARTYING with them and because of what happened to Joran. Asked how these run-away Natalie benefactors hid the body, Faux Dawg NOW says anybody can do anything (oops--except JORAN, of course). It would be wise for his story (and documents) to be checked out by LE.

But one theory has dominated the investigation throughout and still — despite public statements by the police to the contrary — continues to overshadow all other [bogus] inquiries: ?Of course, this is just my opinion, as I certainly have no proof, but I believe that Judge van de Sloot knows what happened to Natalie, and wants desperately to protect his son. HUGE smirk like the guy has revealed the Kennedy assassination conspiracy because he got a copy of a computer read out that proves BETH got to Aruba 4 hours before she said she did. "SO MANY PEOPLE KNOW, THIS PERSON KNOWS, THAT PERSON KNOWS" and "...they're so.... Minister this and that we told a year ago...shook their heads...blahblahblah...." [Damn! He's trying to draw credibility from the audience by telling the people to whom HE'S TELLING THIS BS STORY that "THEY" ARE RIGHT, IT'S TRUE?! "THEY" HAVEN'T SAID ANYTHING, YOU'RE THE ONE DOING ALL THE TALKING, BOZO! Natalie disappeared not long before that "bonding" with the Van der Sloots. Whether what they are saying is TRUE or not, only documented evidence will tell.In order for the plan to work, the other two boys must agree to comply. So many in the states know...allegedly..they're not talking for some reason. Since we haven't seen that print out, just had this guy reading from a piece of's still NOT PROOF OF ANYTHING. Beth has given a different timeline FOR HER ARRIVAL. It's absurd to consider this is some kind of EVIDENCE that Beth is in on a conspiracy to cover up that Natalie was PREGNANT from Jugs, hid herself from Beth, and then DIED partying with her NEW BUDDIES. I knew I shoulda' ordered that "Illiterate Speaker Decoder Ring" from that cereal box last month! ) is named by this couple, also "Minister Brieson's asst." (sp? One person allegedly shook his/her head OFF CAMERA at something the guy doing ALL the talking said, AND THAT TURNED INTO "YOU ARE RIGHT! So did these people LIE to Beth to get her confidence? If so, THEY SET BETH UP, and knew they were doing so ALL THIS TIME. But they were not making up a story for the camera.Here are the dirty details of the grandmother/grandson story we mentioned: Back when she was 18, Pearl Carter, now 72, gave up Phil Bailey's mother for adoption.After after his mother's death, Phil tracked down Pearl, and the two promptly hooked up and fell in love. Last year, the alleged that the Oscar winner and his 27-year-old step-granddaughter, E'Dena Hines, have been involved for more than a decade.

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