Dns updating slow mammoth carbon dating

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The Name Servers were updated to the correct address at 9.23pm on December 26th and Telstra's NS cache hasn't expired or reflected the change yet.Does anyone know how long their caching servers take to refresh?

This procedure speeds up the internet, reduces the traffic to the master servers and thus help ISP work faster.

All downloads from Microsoft sites which go through Akamai are very slow, yet I can get download over HTTP from other sites at around 2mb/s.

From Microsoft sites, downloads average 200kb/s from MSDN, but for updates they frequently drop as low as 7kb/s.

I'm also paranoid about potential security risks this issue may pose.

- I am able to access our services from all other providers and have verified the changes have propagated using 3rd party sites such as whatsmydns, dnschecker, etc.

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