Dating stella harmony guitars

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Most music stores carried them along with a whole assortment of mail order catalogues.

These small body guitars still show up from time to time.

The Harmony guitar book you have all been waiting for is now here.

Read all about the guitars we love in the first printing of the book the cronicles the history and the guitars produced by this USA guitar maker.

How many beginning players had a sunburst Stella by Harmony to learn on?

My experience with these guitars goes back to the early 60's.

Stella was a brand of guitars owned and operated by the Oscar Schmidt Company and was founded around 1899. Mainly because of the guitar boom during the Beatles generation, there were a large number of guitars sold at this time.

Due to this industrial level of production, it is unlikely that even its less common guitars could be called rare.The Stella guitar was great for playing Kurt Cobain of Nirvana played an acoustic Stella guitar on the recording of the song Polly from the Nevermind album. Harmony bought the Stella name in 1939 and continued to make them as a low-end student guitar.Stella was acquired by the Harmony Company in nineteen thirty nine, and the brand was dissolved in the 70s. Using the Stella registered trademark, they marketed these student guitars for the masses.Harmony guitars are not usually mentioned in the same breath as Gibson or Fender and tend to be considered low-grade instruments.While a Harmony guitar may not be worth a fortune, accurately identifying an instrument can be quite satisfying.

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